Smok Novo 2 – Reaching New Enthusiasts

Smok Novo 2

Smok Novo 2 – Reaching New Enthusiasts

Smok Novo 2 review. Smok’s new entry into their popular Novo series is the Smok Novo 2. That is an improvement on the original model, which had already been released in 2021. Although technically exactly the same size and design as the original, the battery is currently upgraded from 400 to 800mah, and output is currently increased from 16 to 25 watts.

A glance at the internal parts of the Smok Novo 2 reveal that the major change is in the energy source. Whereas the original novo was powered by way of a single 12v usb port, this version uses a multi-port interface using Smok’s new iControl technology. The difference means that if there is only 1 computer on the network, as with some domestic networks, then your single port usb will undoubtedly be adequate. However, if there are several computers, or several different networked computers, then it may be better to get a multi-port interface, like the Smok Novo 2’s iControl technology. With this particular type of port, the power cord can be left behind, and other connections, including the audio interface could be left up to the user.

Decreasing change in the Smok Novo 2 is the shape of the coil. The original novo models used a tapered coil, which helped to modify the volume of heat that passed through these devices. This meant that some wimps didn’t like biting into their plates, but it also made it difficult to clean out the mouthpiece when it had been time. Smok have solved this problem by introducing the new shaped coil, that allows for better portability, easier cleaning and more efficient heating.

As well as the change in shape, you can find other changes in the novo 2 kit. One of these brilliant is really a battery life increase of over 300 percent on the original novo model. Gleam longer range, while charging the machine. The charger is also much smaller compared to the original, which supports flexibility and convenience even further. The pod now features a built in power meter, that is extremely helpful in order to know how many hours the battery is remaining. As the increase in battery life may seem fairly insignificant, a working power meter can mean the difference between getting the workout in, rather than, as this can affect the intensity of the workout.

A fresh feature in Smok Novo 2 may be the mesh pod. Smok has included this mesh pod to make it easier for people to put the nova 2 bowls in their cup holders, and never have to use the traditional bowl shaped holders which were so popular on the initial pods. It is very convenient, because of the ability to keep things from active, while giving your workout the focus it deserves.

There are numerous other changes to the novo 2 and some of these are pretty awesome, like the ability to adjust the ventilation to what you need for you, whether you’re working out at the fitness center, or you’re just at home. The dual coil system is one of the better top features of this entire pod. The dual coil system permits you to set the airflow to your specific need, whether for toning, fat burning, stamina, or any other reason.

The Smok Novo 2 kit posseses an instructional manual and a USB charger. The initial novo pod came with no instructions or USB cable, so if you were considering this purchase, it was probably for the intention of shopping for a cheaper workout machine, but you shouldn’t let that deter you. Most of the differences in the Smok Novo 2, Vape Pen Battery besides the awesome new dual coil fan and the better instructions, are available online. Most people don’t even know these things exists!

Smok has taken another approach than I had hoped to when I acquired my first Smok Fuel Pod. They will have taken an already great product and managed to get better by adding some awesome new features, just like the vaporware and the advanced ventilation control. However in all truth, my Smok Novo 2 review should simply state that this is certainly the best portable electronic device I’ve ever owned. The vaporware helps me to stay motivated when I’m on the treadmill, and I love that I can keep up my workout and never have to get off and go sit down.